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Karim Ziad path : a musician, an unsatisfied traveller, drummer, singer, composer, arranger, bandmaster looking for human roots and values.

He is a funny as well as mystical person who plays music beyond the horizons, often at the crossroads of jazz and traditional music.

Karim Ziad was born in 1966 in Algiers. Always passionated by music. He started within the 80’s with bands like Sweet Jazz and Khinjar (first oriental hardrock band).

In 1989 Karim Ziad moved to Paris in order to integrate the Fontenay-sous-Bois conservatory and the Emmanuel Boursault and Guy Lefèbvre’s school.

He was a covted drummer, and became a star in the maghreb scene (Cheb Mami, l’Orchestre National de Barbes, Khaled…) but it wasn’t enough for him, Karim Ziad was looking towards new horizons.

Karim Ziad started quickly his first asymethrical rythmes beside the great Safi Boutella and he was in the meantime playing with many collaborators like Sexun, Ultramarine, Bojan Z or Joe Zawinul where he found his way: getting back to the roots to create the rich and polymorpheous sounds.

Then, he started a worldwide tour with Joe Zawinul, Vince Mendoza, the Metropole Orchestra and the WDR Symphony Orchestra. He has been programming Essaouira Gnaoua Festival for 10 years, looking for possibilities to blend the jazz freedom and the traditional popular musics which he loves.

For 15 years now, he build up his own musical personality. He perfectly know the importance of his roots, his culture and music to develop his own style.

Listen few songs from his album “JDID” :

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> Trailer Album “Jdid”

Live & ITV RFI @ Festival d’Essaouira – Morocco (artistic director of the festival : Karim Ziad)

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