Since the release of their Iatest album “SHOCK EL HAL, GNAWA DIFFUSION” sets all the stages where they perform on.

The band members and the leader and singer AMAZIGH KATEB give everything of themeselves to each of their representations. Unpretientious and simple Iayout are the essence of their latest album. Travelling to Chaabi, Gnawi passing by Reggae, Ragga Rock and more, the group members offer an authentic music, an accurate picture of them and their heartbeats. Combining traditional Maghrebian Reggae rythms, they make Ianguages, poetry and policy coexist in commited strong texts, they are talking to you, they are for everyone !

More than 20 years of Music !

1992-2002 : This period was characterized by the albums “ALGERIA“, “BAB EL OUED KINGSTON“, “DZ LIVE” in 2002, Amazigh Kateb’s texts tackle prominent themes: maghrebian africanity, the double exile, mourning for a country, for a father… The texts are full of all the memories left there. We learn to same nostalgia once back home, but we can not totally be fully healed.

2003 : SOUK SYSTEM lyrics are more internationalists, they underline the American political disaster and exhort the rejection of Bush’s administration. “FUCKING COWBOYS” live and DVD (2007) summarize and reinforce “SOUK SYSTEM” idea.

After GNAWA DIFFUSlON’s separation, while the musicians are trying different styles and living new experiences, the leader AMAZIGH KATEB cornes back on stage with a solo album “MARCHEZ NOIR“. “We needed to step back, to break free from a certain routine that conïcined us; It is also a need of being with oneself” said Amazigh.

November 2012 : GNAWA DIFFUSION cornes back with SHOCK EL HAL, wich is dedicated to the children of arab revolution, with rational and straightforward lyrics against power manipulation. GNAWA DIFFUSION remains one of the few bands that has a political, social, review preocupation, and that, from the start.

Since 1992, the band has, over the years, traveled the world and performed in the most prestigious stages and festivals spreading joy and trance on their path. GNAWA DIFFUSION is a complete success, the band marked their fans with eight unique albums.

Shock el Hal (2012) – Their latest album.

Audio-globin 20 years of age (2012) – Illustrates their 20 year career.

Fucking Cowboys (2007) – Recorded during the concert at the Elysée Montmartre in a co-production On jamaz-Uwe. farewell tour later.
Souk System (2003) – The album signs a political maturity and denounces chaos, disorder, the global “Souk” established by “rogue states” and their misdeeds.

Live DZ (2001) – In May 2001, bloody clashes between youths and police scarred the Kabylie and Gnawa diffusion comes in Algiers to show solidarity with those of their generation. An unforgettable concert!

Bab el Oued Kingston (1999) – The second episode of Gnawa Diffusion adventures in the footsteps of raggnawachaâbirock. “An album that looks like life”

Algeria (1997) – The album is ranked 10th in the “XXX France” for six months.

Legitime difference (1993) – First CD 5 titles. First national and international tours, first success.

Legitime difference (1993) – Their first album



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