Moscow Circus on Ice

Moscow Circus on ice


A bright and magical ice show set in an unusual decorum, with circus tricks combined with figure skating and ballet performances, the “MOSCOW CIRCUS ON ICE” is a pleasant surprise for circus lovers as well as for snow sports and dance afficionados.


The first team of  “MOSCOW CIRCUS ON ICE” “Circus on Ice” included actors from the beloved film Jolly Fellows, as explained by its creator, the greatest theater, vaudeville and circus director of the Soviet era Grigorevichu Arnold (Barsky being his real name). His goal was to combine the famous classical circus of his country with ice ballet. The first show took place in 1965 in Belgium, at the start of a triumphant worldwide tour.

“MOSCOW CIRCUS ON ICE” was then recreated in 2015 under the leadership of Kirill Kirillov, who, in a short period of time, managed to gather a team composed of young and talented artists from the Moscow Circus as well as the dancer Nikulina and professional ice skaters. He invited well-known directors and choreographers to work with him and provided the artists with the necessary props 

and bright, colorful design costumes. Their first overseas tour happened in Mexico, where all the show were sold out, followed by a tour in China, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and many Russian cities.


Kirill Kirillov, born in an family of artists and raised in the circus world, is a reference in the matter and honors its tradition. However, time does not stand still – and he also understood that success in the modern world is guaranteed by combining tradition with innovation. By opening to a wider audience, becoming more and more discerning and demanding, and by introducing modern technologies, Kirill contributed to the birth of a new type of circus art where the audience can watch  fascinating performances and unbelievable stunts, with special effects and original costumes. The main goal of the artists is to give joy to the audience. Circus is an art that can be accessible and understandable by everyone !