Raïna Raï

Lofti Raina Rai

RAÏNA RAÏ – The legendary Raï-Rock band – France / Algéria 

There are mythical groups whose reach exceeds modes and currents. Raïna Raï is one of them! The emblematic figure of its leader, guitarist Lotfi Attar, is for many. His playing, his charisma, his passion have influenced many bands and artists including the Barbès National Orchestra and Gnawa Diffusion. 

Born in 1980 in Paris, Raïna Raï has marked, and perennially, an Algerian youth in love with freedom and renewal. See with what fervor and emotion, the public takes in chorus the numerous HITS of Raïna Raï: Ya Zina, Hagda, Til taila … titles used in the soundtrack of the film Tchao Pantin by Claude Berri with Coluche and “En attendant les hirondelles” of Karim Moussaoui. 

Raïna Raï come-back was hoped, coveted … waited !!! Both the press and the public responded in France and Belgium. Warning the legend is still alive and back in your area !