Cumbia Ya !

Warm, friendly, mysterious. Cumbia is a party where magic and music come together to gather people of all backgrounds and generations.

Flagship of Colombian music and tradition, this orchestra of 11 musicians has become a staple in the field of Cumbia. Fed by the jazz of the beginning of century and faithful to the inheritance of the great composer Lucho Bermúdez, these musicians were able to reuse traditional music to turn it into to a modern genre. 

Forged in the synergy beetween African rythms and the South-American continent, Cumbia has become the core expression of the South-American people, a popular music par excellence that portrays the common reality of modern Latin society. A powerful rhythm but also a binary dance accessible to all.

Cumbia Ya! re-invents this genre with a Made In Paris vibe. On stage, they’re enthusiastic and unleashe their brass instruments to release the public energy ! At the sources of jazz, rock, tango or classical music, these artists turn the great classics of the 1950’s into new hits to dance to, with neat arrangements.

Few European bands have acquired the renown of Cumbia Ya ! in the last 12 years. Cumbia has found its place in the programming of French national scenes, like the Theater of Caen, Besançon International Film Festival or Lyon Opera House, who put their trust in this orchestra that handles the popular aspects as well as the composing elegance of this still little known music genre. A growing audience is seduced by compositions in the style of the great big bands from the beginning of the century. 

The album “La Mecánica del Porro” is a tribute to the hits that formed the backbone of Cumbia Ya’s performances during all these years. A snapshot of their repertoire that has consolidated the fame of this orchestra, which has become a classic of Colombian music around the world.