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Orange Blossom presents its stylish and innovative new album «Under the Shade of Violets»

Electric whirlpools, electronic storms, Oriental arabesques : insolent mixing which is not satisfied with half measures. The music of Orange Blossom suggests a free world of doubts where East and West fraternize with ease. It’s an idea dreamed up by Carlos Robles Arenas (drummer, percussionist and composer) and Pierre-Jean Chabot (violinist). During a residence in Cairo at Makan Center for the Arts, both were caught up in the spells cast by the songs they heard. Thus they’ve found THE voice in Egypt. The one that stood out from the crowd. A sunny voice vibrating all its breath and piercing the soul. Egyptian singer Hend Ahmed became the voice of Orange Blossom in 2014.

To create the frame of a richly coloured musical world for the new album, they had to move into an hotel in Aman, Jordan, to record the traditional singers. Then they needed to come back and land to tape and record the acoustics of the Orchestre du Conservatoire de Cholet. They took the time to build the atmosphere. The time to develop themes. What was analogical has become acoustic, logical And the new voice who joined the group is even more vibrating and visceral.



ORANGE BLOSSOM – Ya Sidi – Official video clip from the NETFLIX TV Serie “MARSEILLE”


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