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New Album “Money” available september 2017> On Tour 2017-2018

Fela Kuti Former guitarist and the group Ghetto Blaster leader , Kiala is now a key reference which has a primary role on the international afrobeat scene .

Composed of traditional Nigerian music, funk and jazz mix, closely linked to political and social context in which it emerged, characterized by its irresistible rhythmic and powerful brass instruments, Afrobeat has ambassadors all around the world, and a crucial place on jazz and world music scenes.

Kiala is one of the most famous well-knowed representative. Outstanding guitarist, he came back to Egypt 80 when Fela Kuti wanted to give new life to Africa 70.

In the mid of the 80s, Kiala founded the Ghetto Blaster band, composed by, among others, the drummer Tony Allen.

Basically born in Nigeria, the band has clearly earned a place in Europe and the USA, and becomesa benchmark by popularizing the Afrobeat across the world

To Lagos smoky nightclubs, the Seine river through Los Angeles, Kiala still provides his explosive riffs to the Afrobeat music and, for sure, won’t stop there …

He has just finished his new album, whose going to be published in 2017, he collaborated with musicians such as Cyril Atef on drums, Hilaire Panda on bass, Kiala Ogawa, Jean-Max Merry on keyboards, Cedric Ricard on saxophon, Brice Moscardini on trumpet …

On tour soon.

Picture © Babatunde Banjoko


Naissance du premier groupe d’Afro-beat Afro-européen GHETTO BLASTER

KIALA – Sorrow, Tears and Blood – Tribute to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti featuring Cheikh Tidiane Seck (Guerrier !)…


Kiala @ Montreux Jazz Festival featuring Omar Sosa, Stéphane Belmondo, Doctor L …

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