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Band’s story

Khalas band members compose original scores inspired by the classical Arabic repertoire ruthlessly embedded with Rock and Metal arrangements.

Stemming from the emerging Arabic and Oriental music scene in the Middle East, Khalas combines sensual Arabic beats and lyrics with aggressive metal riffs. The band members are Palestinians who were bred on various musical moods; from AC/DC, System of a down, Black Sabbath and others… to Arabic classics like Mohammed Abdel-Wahab, Umm Kulthoum, Asmahan, and more Arab stars from the Arab world.

depending on the venue, Khalas Live act varies from 4 to 9 people on stage, including a Sufi dancer. Arabic Rock Orchestra, Khalas most recent album, released last November, was followed by a joint Europe-UK tour with Orphaned Land, that was covered in every major media from BBC to Rolling Stone. The tour included 18 performances in different countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, etc. where the band’s merchandise was sold out before the end of the tour !


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