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The band «Beatbox Jazz Project», born in 2013 on Alfio Origlio’s initiative, is a trio composed of three musicians coming from really different musical universes, getting together around an original project guided by improvisation.

Alfio Origlio and Stéphane Edouard had worked together touring with Michel Jonasz. After backing the artist during several years they met regularly for other musical adventures. Concerning Alfio Origlio and Alem, they discovered each other in 2013 during a musical event in La Bâtie-Divisin. Chance made Alem come from the very village where Alfio lives.

This is mainly a meeting of three exceptional musical personalities: Alfio Origlio, pianist and jazz composer, brings to the trio his own creations and singular musical atmosphere, Stéphane Edouard, percussionist, strongly influenced by indian and occidental music, and Alem, recently elected beatbox world champion, quintessence of urban culture.

JBP is the first french band to propose a formula grouping instrumental music and beatbox, a vocal technique usually played as battles without musicians.

The trio defines itself as playing an extremely open minded world music style, touching all categories of audience.

The show invites the audience to a journey from the banks of the Gange to Bronx’s urban culture. A daring mixture of hang, Fender Rhodes and human beatbox.

The discussion thread is based on improvisation. Every piece of music is a painting made of interactive improvisation moments.

Line-up :

Alfio Origlio – Piano, fender, moog

Alfio Origlio is a pianist and composer, exploring numerous musical streams. For now thirty years, he is a band leader and composer for different projects, working with french and international artists: Grégory Porter, Salif Keïta, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Manu Katché, Me’shell Ndegeocello, Chris Potter, Stacey Kent, Michel Jonasz, Henri Salvador, Keziah Jones, Daniel Humair, Michel Colombier, Stephano Dibattista, Didier Lockwood , André Ceccarelli, Ernie Watts, Michel Legrand, Bob Mintzer…

Discography as a leader : Alfio Origlio 4tet – Live Five – Passeggiata – Riccordo – Ascendances -Tribute to Headhunters – Wings and notes – Acqua – Walk in wake.

Alem – Beatboxer

Alem, beatbox star coming from the hip-hop world, is vice-world champion 2012, France champion 2013 (human beatboxer) and world champion 2015.

Using nose, mouth, vocal cords, teeth, tongue, throat and breath, with great creativity, that’s how you could define human beatbox, or «the art of using the body as the only musical instrument». He sings   and generates four or even five instruments at the same time. The sequence is so rapid that the auditive illusion is just perfect.

Stéphane Edouard – percussionist

Stéphane Edouard comes from South India. He was born in France in a family in which music is shared and considered as art during weekly parties, where Bollywood hits from the sixties to the eighties are reinterpreted. As a child he also bathes in the traditional indian sounds and the «tal» (Indian rhythms). These sounds are his first inspiration source when he studies percussions at the age of 7. From his childhood he has inherited a great aptitude to improvise and great rhythm skills, bringing him to work with artists coming from different musical worlds.


Teaser Live @ Jazz Club – Grenoble – France


Alem vs NaPoM – Berlin Final – 4th Beatbox Battle World Championship

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